Greysons: Three Months In

Another month, and we’re closing in on the finale of Arc I! For those who haven’t noticed, the Table of Contents has been updated with the Arc and its name over the current list of chapters. Arc I is titled “A World of Magic” – apt, I think, for how much this section of the story has focused on introducing the ideas and Locations of the Enchanted Dominion.

Looking back just on this one month stretch, things became very plot-focused! Chapters 25-36 saw Fae properly start her journey in the Enchanted Dominion, but mostly focused on Caleb and the Dawn Riders as they learned about and encountered the mysterious “fool’s gods” – the Radiant King and his retinue. And, of course, Caleb left everything on a rather large cliffhanger, collapsing in serious pain and possible injury. What happens next?

Don’t worry – I can’t leave you in suspense like that. Chapter 37 will pick up right where 36 left off with Caleb, so you’ll find out very soon!

In the midst of all of the plot-focused momentum, Chelsea, Delilah, Lorelei, Isabelle, and Gwen – the “Isabelle Crew” as I like to call them – got a lovely rest on Lilac Hill. And while there wasn’t any forward momentum happening with the story in these two chapters, I just loved writing them, particularly Chapter 29. The impromptu group nap at the beginning of 29 is one of my favorite scenes and I had a big smile on my face the whole time writing it. I hope it got a smile out of you, too.

For those, like me, who are intrigued by numbers, Greysons of Grimoire now sits at 307 pages and 121,132 words in length. It isn’t even finished yet, and I have several completed manuscripts of other stories that come in around the 85,000 and 90,000 mark, so Greysons of Grimoire has become quite the beast. That said, I hope the ride has been enjoyable so far and that you look forward to what comes next! I’m quite fond of long-form storytelling in the things I read and watch, and I’m hopeful the ride will be worthwhile to all those reading. I’m continuing to thoroughly enjoy writing about these many characters in this increasingly strange and wonderful world.

In two weeks, Arc I will conclude and I’ll write a post reflecting on that entire journey – things I think I did well, things I think I didn’t do so well, what I can or should improve going forward, and just why things turned out the way they have. Like I said two months ago, I set out on this as partly a writer’s journey and experiment, testing myself with a different method of writing and storytelling. In the process, I’ve learned a lot about myself as a writer and storyteller, and continue to see my mindset, tastes, preferences, and style shift as the story goes on. The lessons I’ve learned in just three months are already informing my writing in everything else. So, if you’re a writer looking for a challenge and an adventure, I wholeheartedly encourage you to write a web novel with a regular (and frequent) schedule! And if you have one you have written in the past or are currently writing, please share them with me. I may not read everything to its conclusion, but I’m interested in seeing what others are writing, and after getting Greysons of Grimoire listed on Web Fiction Guide, I’ve been browsing the rest of their listings and finding some interesting stories that I’m looking forward to reading more of.

Thank you so much for reading! As I mentioned in the first monthly review/look-back blog post, there are people from all over the world reading this story, and that makes my heart soar. Thank you for reading, and don’t be afraid to comment! I’d love to hear your feedback – what you enjoy, what you don’t, and what questions you might have going forward. Reader feedback has helped inform my storytelling in many ways – Chapter 37, which comes out tomorrow, ends entirely differently than I originally planned, because my gracious editor informed me that Caleb was being stupid. And while stupidity can work (everyone’s stupid sometimes), in this case, it was too stupid to stick to. And questions that people have asked about things in the early chapters that I originally thought of as inconsequential helped me understand what elements others were picking up on, and changed the focus of the world and the story in big and small ways since. Your feedback makes a big difference!

Well, that’s all for me this month. After overindulging my wordiness last month, I tried to keep things short and sweet here. Really, I didn’t have much to say. The plot’s picking up, there are more words and pages than last time, and I love Chapter 29. Also, reader feedback is tremendously helpful.

Thank you once again for reading. Enjoy the next six chapters and Arc I’s conclusion, and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s celebration!