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Tpaul Homdrom

Hello! I'm a writer from Indiana, and the author of the web novel Greysons of Grimoire. A lover of fantasy, video games, and anime, my favorite stories and strongest inspirations include The Lord of the RingsThe Chronicles of NarniaThe GiverStar WarsFull Metal AlchemistThe Heroic Legend of Arslan, Fire EmblemValkyria ChroniclesOgre Battle 64The Boy and the Beast, and nearly every film by Studio Ghibli. 

I watch far too much anime when I should be busy writing, and I daydream to an often excessive degree. I love dogs, of course, because dogs are wonderful. 

Greysons of Grimoire started as an experiment, a "why not?" sort of project. It quickly morphed into a passion project, a labor of love. I hope you love reading this story as much as I have loved, and continue to love, writing it. 

New chapters for Greysons are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Please look forward to other writings as well! I have many projects in the works that I'm very excited to share when they're complete. 

To contact me for any business- or fan-related purposes:


Twitter: @TadpoleSHero

(The "T" in "Tpaul" stands for "Theodore." It should probably be written "T.Paul" but in my teens I started spelling it differently and now I can't go back, even as it continues to befuddle every new person I meet)